Your client's best asset—photography

June 7, 2022


Photography education

Your client's best asset—photography

These days the CEO can easily become the face of a company. Her actions and appearance help define and reinforce a brand, and sometimes she becomes the brand. In this business climate successful companies are extremely visual, and it is expected that a stakeholder can log on at anytime and see what these leaders are up to.

Your brand has to be ready to answer the call, so it is important your outward-facing imagery tells the story you need it to. Your job is to manage that outbound request, and for this you need an expert corporate portraitist.


Any photographer with a basic understanding of lighting can take a picture that reflects the actual appearance of the executive subject. However, a photographer with the gift of connection and experience shooting corporate leaders goes the extra mile with science and visual devices to create an image that will reinforce the brand’s story as well as show the person in charge in the, yes, best light.

Expert shooters use visual psychology to portray the executive’s position and personality while subtly leading the viewer with clues of status. They use proven tricks to soften the toughness reflecting back to the camera lens while still hinting at the story of the company they represent. Studies show that when written statements are placed next to an image of the individual making claims, they become more believable (21% more) — this is multiplied if the viewer can identify himself or herself in that person. That is when the photographer’s expertise becomes the most important thing on set. Getting to that one shot that says all it needs to is the trick.

People want to know whom they’re doing business with — they want to look into the other person’s eyes and make a judgment. They want to see someone like himself or herself in that role. It’s the job of the photographer to make sure the CEO looks approachable, trustworthy and up to the task of leading.

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