A multi-disciplinary design studio that creates experiences to inspire people to action.

Pencilbox studios is a collaborative of creative principals and partners who work together to create experiences that inspire people to action, while building strong longterm partnerships with our clients.

Our ideology is good work, good clients, and good success.

Built to last.
Always growing.

We believe data is essential to the creative process, project success and understanding human behavior.


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The what if scenario

What if we formed a design studio? What if this studio was a collaboration of great designers and image-makers who were not only talented but also people we want to spend time with? What if we focused not just on specific industries or tactics but on specific “types” of clients? Clients who care about their audience through human-centered design? What if we only accepted work that was, let’s say, refrigerator worthy? Those ”what if” conversations lead to Pencilbox and the Pencilbox ideology: Good Work, Good Clients, Good Success.

Pencilbox name defined

The Pencilbox name reflects our creative team building process, the essence of strong concepts and a commitment to human-centered design.

Multi-disciplinary defined

Just like the contents of a Pencilbox, our team offers a diverse combination of skills and abilities — photography, creative direction, project management, design, copy writing, user experience and strategy.

Citizen designers,
15+ years in,
stronger than ever.

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